Mat Workout
Monica Wilson
Class 2841

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good workout!
Glad you enjoyed it Julia!
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Woo-Hoo!!!! Love it!! Thank you!
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Wow, nice challenges and lovely flow!
Thank you ladies! Monica:)
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OMG. That wa intense AND soooo good! I can't quite do all the moves but now I have something to work towards. Thank you!!!
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Loved this! A traditional int/advanced mat workout. So great to go back to the "basics" and really make sure you are doing it correctly. Thanks!
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Good set of exercises... but I was missing the pre Pilates as this is an advance class a good warm up is essential.. I think the body is not ready 5 min later to roll over ... some of the sequence is felt rush too .. but overall it’s a good workout . Thank you
Hi Anett! I usually need to do a little warm up and stretching myself but I would say that is true only as I get older. I still can do what I use to...just need a little more time to prepare my body. I have a 30 session challenge coming out in the Spring where I include a class strictly on warming up and stretching to be ready for these advanced exercises. I hope you take the challenge when it comes out and thank you for your comment! Monica:)
Hi Monica Wilson
I’m looking forward the 30 session challenge . Thank you for telling me about it . I’ll watch out on it . X
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