Mat Workout
Mariska Breland
Class 2935

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Thank you all! I'll be back next month with something new... and hopefully fun. Probably less stretchy. ;)
Awesome! Fun variations, delightful humorous tidbits here and there~
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Love the corkscrew variations Mariska Breland ! Really loved the sequencing too - just enough time in some tough moves to do them with energy before moving on and avoiding failure... is that just my experience? As a notorious rib-flarer, thanks for the option to pop and stop.
Thanks, Cat ! I also wanted to inform you that I will be using the term "pop and stop" in future classes. It's briliant!
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Go for it Mariska Breland ! I used it myself this week and the students love it. They know I'm a Not-So-Proud Member of Rib Poppers Anonymous.
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I’m late with this class but I am sadly still trying to get over 2016! Lovely class, thank you. :). Loved the stretches in between the work.
Still not in a fetal position! But in need of a great mat class, thanks Mariska!
Awesome class! I love the creative variations. Thank you.
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