Strength and Stability
Amy Havens
Class 3030

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MC so glad you're here!!!
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I enjoyed the class a lot; shoulder stability and strengthening exercises are great...thank you Amy
Anytime Cigdem !
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I’m getting back into a workout routine and I’m definitely having fun doing these exercises. Amy you are creative and talented and the challenge in doing some of these movements are great!! Thank you!!
Hi Sandra , thank you and welcome to the challenge!!  See you soon, have fun!
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Thank u! it was great !!!!
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Love it!  You are amazing!
Thank you so much Adi and Veronica !!
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Thank you Amy! I always pick up new moves and cues from you. I'm grateful. Question - during tic-toc, are you keeping your legs glued together the whole time, so you hips move and your femurs stay in the hip socket? Versus allowing one leg to lengthen then shorten.  Same question for leg circles (when you were seated, leaning on your forearms). Thank you! Beatrix
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Wonderful class.  It would have helped me immensely if there were modifications for those of us with wrist problems and can’t put all that weight on them.
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