Challenging Reformer Flow<br>Anula Maiberg<br>Class 3131

Challenging Reformer Flow
Anula Maiberg
Class 3131

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Shona Croft
Absolutely loved this and love your style of teaching to every body xxx
Else G
Loved the fun and light hearted. Loved the humor intermixed!
Kate A
this was a great workout! i enjoyed the varied techniques.  thank you!!
Thank you Anula! What a pleasure to return to my favorite classes, especially after a long break and a new joint 👍😄🙏
Rama H
Jeanne  S
Dear Anula, so happy I was finally taking a class with you and I enjoyed it so much and love how you take classical moves to a new and open minded way of movement. Your teaching is very inspiring and will definitely take a few moves and words from you to my classes. Hope to see more of you here on pilatesanytime. Warm regards jael
Claudia K
I loved this class. Thank you!
Great class!

Tatjana R
love this class! all creativity  yet without any  nonsense  and unnecessary  choreography or overcuing  ... excellent ! 
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