Reformer and Barrel Play
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3408

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Just WOW.....and thank you! Ready to add LB to my home studio!!!!!
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Thank you for a strong body-opening, mind-blowing workout, Benjamin. Some great ideas that I can transfer to my advanced client's programs.
Love your workouts!
Definitely feel like a million dollars. Thanks you!
OMG! WOW! AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE CLASSICAL! Benjamin I love watching and listening to you teach. You are so strong in both areas. This was a great class!
Fabulous class! Thanks Benjamin, just what I needed today!
Way to fast - almost dangerously so... head rest up during pelvic roll up? I had to turn it off , sorry.
Wau! Good job guys πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘
Powerful, exciting and interesting video! I’d definitely try it on myself tomorrow.
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