Spiral Long Box
Viktor Uygan
Class 3542

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Love this! So creative. Using this for my clients tonight!
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Thank you Emily
Have fun and let me know how it goes? :)
came back to this class after a little break and it's still amazing! would love to see more of your work Viktor Uygan . genius
Hi Vanisha
Your comment made my day!!! I am happy you are enjoying my class and I definitely would love to teach more in Pilates Anytime :)
still love this class!  it'll be my go to on a stiff back day.  more viktor ugyan please pilatesanytime!
Vanisha Thank you for the Love .... What would you like to see more from me? any ideas??
Amazing!!!!I trully loved it!! What a feeling! Thank you for sharing!!
Thank you Nadia ,
You made my day :)
Amazing. I have been working with a client to improve spinal mobility. Ironically I am doing this to improve her knee function, which it has improved her knee function. Excited to add a few of these ideas into her program.  Thank you thank you thank you.
Donna so happy that you have let me know that you were able to implement this to your client's program. Let me know how it goes? and thank you for moving with me 🙏
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