Day 2: Cardio<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3592

Day 2: Cardio
Tracey Mallett
Class 3592

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I loved this class! I knew there was a reason I really love Tracey! She gets me to really work my body where it matters. My thighs really burned! This class also helped me work on my balance with those exercises where we stand on the ball of our feet. I look forward to tomorrow's class! =)
I love this class and 30 minutes is a great class length because I don't do a lot of barre-style classes.  So I sweated and my calves burned, but I make it through. I don't have a small ball yet, so i used a rolled-up towel.. this worked well. I also don't have a barre. I use a folding Cosco 2 Step ladder.. that works great too.  I have tried chairs, but they don't work as well. Thanks Tracey:) 
done. sweaty.
Wow, that was great. Thanks again. 
Tammy S
Great workout. Sweaty, legs are like jello.
Love the positive reinforcement 
Reem J
Very good didn’t like the music
Great Class 
Cool! I feel good now, ready for the day
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