Hip and Shoulder Tower
Trent McEntire
Class 3623

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Great class! I liked doing the role downs with the straps instead of the bar. It really opened up my thoracic area which I'm having issues with. Plus the hip work (which I'm also having issues with). I may have to get the Arcus! Thank you:)
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Thanks, great class. . . This Arcus has me intrigued!
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I am loving the arcus bar! Thank you Trent!
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Thank you Trent - Even if you don't have an Arcus - so many great ideas to work on presented here. Many thanks
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great tower workout in between reformer days
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When you mention the joint opener during the leg work 20min in how do you get practioners to understand as they often don’t
Thanks for the question Heidi! I like to first to problem solve what isn’t understood. Imagery is often a go to if direct verbal instructions just don’t connect for them. I would try to relate the imagery to their specific gap in understanding and add some tactile guidance to further provide understanding.
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