Stabilizing Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3632

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Really great class, thank you Marimba! Tough x
So challenging and good!
Great body learning! Simple yet profound
This was amazing! So many classes have too much flexion but this class contained just enough and it was supported - so even better!! AND so much more besides - hip heaven!!! More mat classes from Marimba please!!!!
Add this to the Pilates for Dancers playlist! It was such a great warm up before company class. There's just enough work to feel the heat, but the programming and cueing keeps technique and anatomical awareness as the priority. Great class, Marimba! Can't wait to see more!
Such wonderful cues and I love the layering in the exercises!!
Very well done class, with lots of helpful instructions and nicely built up exercices. Thank you, Marimba
Loved the precise and concise cueing.   Great instructor - hope I can visit her studio on a trip to NY some day!
Loved it and love you!
Loved this! Even better the 2nd time around. Love the repetition and building. I feel cooked!
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