Dealing with the Overwhelm
Jenna Zaffino
Class 3675

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Your class has released a torrent of unexpected tears but they feel much needed. Thank you so much Jenna and please can we have more.
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When I began I didn’t realize how much stress and pressure I was carrying. But during the class I was able to let go of things and find things to give me clarity and joy. Thank you!
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Perfect - again!
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Thank you! That was fantastic and just what I needed today. :)
Would others consider this to be Classical Pilates? I've always thought of Romana's to be Classical and this looks very different. I'm unfamiliar with Fletcher's style, maybe this class is similar to what Ron Fletcher would teach?
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Grah ~ Jenna trained with Ron Fletcher, but this isn't a typical class for that style. I recommend looking at some of our Methods and Practices videos about Ron Fletcher in our Pilates Legacy Project. It will give you an idea of what Ron's classes were like! I hope this helps!
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Thank you @Gia, that resource looks really useful! This video was categorized as Classical Pilates which is what confused me.
thank you Jenna, exactly what i needed.  Seems our story is quite similar and actually been in deep thought about teaching again.  Overwhelmed and out of touch with my body, mind and spirit = burnout BUT I feel the dream weaving beginning again.  I will enjoy your next couple of videos I'm sure.  HM
Love your messages, Jenna.  You inspire me daily.  Thank you!
Nice to discover this gem especially in this time of Coronavirus. Thank you, Jenna.
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