Dealing with the Overwhelm<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Class 3675

Dealing with the Overwhelm
Jenna Zaffino
Class 3675

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Thanks very much Jenna - in the light of increased levels of lockdown and keeping my business going back in the UK- this was very welcome. I have always liked the more mindful approach of Pilates so loved adding a new contrast to moving. I have also been listening to your podcasts! Good job I say all round and much appreciated......Sam
Jenna Zaffino
Sam Thank you so much for the beautiful message.  It's such a challenging time for us all right now and I'm happy that you could find a little relief in this session. You, too are appreciated!! xo
Kerry B
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Amazing! Just what I needed today,☺️🙏
Jean H
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LOVED this class!  Thanks a ton.
Jenna thank you so much for your wonderful classes.  So interesting and powerful. I am a Pilates teacher but also going through enormous grief and have been feeling broken. This is so interesting.  You have a gift. Carry on using it and sharing it so generously and clearly with all your heart. My love to you. Boo
Jenna Zaffino
BOO WILLIAMS I'm so sorry that you have been dealing with a time of grief.  I'm happy that you found some relief in this class and thank you so much for your thoughtful comment - it was just what I needed right now xoxoxo 
Jane R
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just found your class and just what was needed, thank you so much 
Jenna Zaffino
Jane R thank you- I’m so glad it found you! 
Amazing! Definitely a favorite. Thank You!
Sue S
Jenna Zaffino Loved this class, thank you! Will definitely return when I can hopefully do the work on my knees properly as I couldn't manage it at this time with an injury.
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