Reformer Essentials<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3709

Reformer Essentials
Amy Havens
Class 3709

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Really nice to get back to the basics, thank you!

Again, you're so welcome!!katrwall 
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I'm a Pilates student and enjoyed your cueing very much. Explaining that our torso is like the box gave me the visualization needed to remind to keep the body points in line.
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MARY ANN W glad you enjoyed this essential Reformer class and that my cueing helped you.  Let me know if you have any other questions!
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I love the essentials, lots of good cues for the beginner,  I did feel that the flow was interrupted somewhat by lengthy explanations but I enjoyed the session.Thank you Amy
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A lovely grounding practice. Clear & deliberate. Love it. Thank you Amy 
Tova A I pride myself of giving thorough explanation to new students, which does require talking/dialogue etc and it can slow down the flow.  I appreciate your feedback on this class.  Thanks for being here!

Charlotte F Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking class with me!
Love this class and love your teaching style. Always good to get back to our fundamentals and I love your explanations of connections between reformer exercise and mat. I'm an instructor with chronic pain and this class was a therapeutic balance of challenge and relief for me. 
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