Restorative Foam Roller
Amy Havens
Class 3701

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Perfect! People are a little stressed around here. 
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that was so wonderfully de-stressing.  Thanks!
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Thanks Amy much needed!
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Thank you! Simple and perfect.
Julia bryn Lisa Tammy thank you for seeking out this class to de-stress just a bit.  We are all feeling it and I filmed this class pre Covid while enduring other big stress.  No one is free from stress that's for sure and it's nice to know we can support each other through it and through movement.  Movement is medicine, that's for sure!
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This is a  very soothing class.  I've been enjoying all of Amy's classes.  
Thank you so much bryn !!  
Wow! Foam roller workout was amazing 😉
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Thank you Amy, taking the time to breath and move gently is highly appreciated   
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Doing this class again..... absolutely love it Amy!!!
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