Functional Wunda Chair
Christi Idavoy
Class 3714

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Brilliant! My legs are jelly, feet feel great, even though I had to skip the mountain climber this time ;) But I'll be back, not least because it's perfect for working on my "differently rotating" hip joints and tissues! Thanks Christi! about building to the punch!   thank you thank you - those mountain climbers!!!!!
Jelly legs and heart rate up... thank you.  Loved it.
so beautiful! Thank you :)
I ❤️ this class!  Christi mentions that this class is part of a series-does anyone know which series?  
I love this Chair WO! So many insights! Very strengthening! THANK YOU! More Christie ANYTIME on PA please! Love how you articulate things!

loved this a lot. very clear cueing, lovely thoughts about lengthening and feeling the oppositions.  beautiful work! thank you 
Thank you very much Christi!
That was my first class on my brand new chair I bought only yesterday! I’m already in love with it! And your classes!!! 🙏🏻👏🏻
Awesome class! Nice to discover how different springs can change the movements that I'm used to doing on the same springs. Thanks! Feel grounded now.
Loved this!! 
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