Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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I really love Sarah’s classes. Just the right level for me (just getting back to Pilates). I love your sense of fun Sarah and your talk track makes me feel like I’m there with you in a class. I find having a whole series to work through is really motivating.
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Such a wonderful flow! Great for the morning!
Jill Thanks so much! keep me posted as you take more classes. 
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Love it! I am trying to rebuild my strength after birth (and almost 3 years of minimal exercise) and I feel this video really helped me reconnect with my breath and my core
wonderful to hear Eli! Keep up the breath and core work.
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I really love this one and will keep coming back to it!
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Hi Sarah
you mention about some people find it difficult to have there legs up above the hips when laying on there backs . Is this because of tight , dominate muscles in the legs ? Thank you loved the video.
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I love these 20 minute workouts that are challenging and fun!
Michelle sorry for the delayed reply...Holding the legs up can be difficult for many reasons.  Tightness in hips or back, weakness in abdominals or hip flexors.  The most important part is simply that movements be performed without pain and without straining body.  Challenge  is good.  Hard is good but pain is not.  Hopefully this helps. :) thanks for watching. 

Kandie thanks for your feedback and for coming back to play over and over again! 

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