Roly Poly Mat
Cara Reeser
Class 3823

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Thank you Cara for this brilliant class.  Loved trying the head stand
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Great class,  with interesting and exciting variations.  A great flow to the class. I am excited to teach it in my class. Thank you! X
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I loved this class! I've never done a headstand before and today I did 2. Great flow.
This was fantastic! 

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Great class with lovely descriptive images- in the U.K we call a roly poly bug a wood louse- some varieties roll and some don't. The lead up to to the headstand was fab- my legs needed to think hard about floating though! Great headstand on live filming Cara- practise definitely makes for ease of movement. I liked the bit about "it can be a bit messy' when you are learning too!
Thank you, Cara! That felt incredible! My neck feels great afterwards!
Cara! I love this class. I was obsessed with roly poly bugs as a kid, so naturally I loved this. I live out in Gunnison County and would love to do some Pilates with you the next time I’m in the big city!
Great class Cara! So needed to get my rolly poly on!! You rocked that headstand too!!!!
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