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Amy Havens
Class 3836

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So happy you liked this workout Elizabeth and Sarah !!
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I love this full body workout! Thank you! =) 
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Awesome class! I mean, I made ugly faces and noises the whole time, but that's a sign of a great workout lol. Thanks Amy!
Thank you Christa K and Becky R !!  Yes, sometimes ugly faces and noises are the true signs of a good workout, thank you!!
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Love your pace, moves, and instruction Amy! Feels just right for me and can't wait to do more of your videos! :)
Thank you so much Jill  !!!
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this was perfect for me today! thank you :)
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Got a bit of a sweat on there! Creative and fun 😊
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So much fun thank you 
Thank you Medea Rebecca C Nicola F !!!
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