Straightforward Mat
Gia Calhoun
Class 3857

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I'm so glad you found it Kandie! I hope you enjoy the whole series! 
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Really enjoyed this class! Thanks Gia!!
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Fab classical mat class! Really lovely simple cues. Thank you! :)
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Love the simplicity and flow of this class! The perfect Mat flow!
So good, so enjoyable. Love straight forward instructions. Thanks you. I feel reborn and look forward to the rest.
I like to keep things simple and I'm so glad you are all enjoying it!
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Thank you Gia - this was fab
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Loved it. Great stretch and strengthing to start the day. 
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Hi Gia, so glad I did this class today. I feel great and you were so easy to follow. Challenging class! Loved it. 
It's so great to hear that you are all feeling great after this class! Thank you so much!
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