Play on the Reformer
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 3947

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Thanks everyone for taking time to share your feedback!
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I love when you Co-teach. Keep it up!❤️
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Great class thanks you 🙏
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Thanks Ladies! That as fun and felt good to get back to practice after a long holiday break:) Happy New Year 
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Very classic, using  the classic exercises of the repertoire and adding some new exercises. Loved your class
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Though I really enjoyed the class movement wise, I have to say that the dynamic between Kristy and Meredith seemed forced and a bit uncomfortable...they did not seem to be having all that much funor “play” and I will not be participating in another class with the both of them.
Teal I'm sorry you had an unenjoyable experience and thank you for your feedback.
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This felt SO good! The side lying kicks and circles were the BOMB. Thank you!
Laura that is GREAT to hear!
The site lists it as a no prop workout but requires a box. I was disappointed this was miss labeled and I was unable to truly get all the benefits of the workout.
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