Primal Mat Flow<br>Louise Johns<br>Class 3986

Primal Mat Flow
Louise Johns
Class 3986

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I love these videos. Louise is just wonderful and I feel her workout is perfect for getting your body more balanced. Please put more classes on the website. Thank you again.
Rosita Menda Zakuto
Thanks Louise
Rosita Menda Zakuto and I love that you love it! 
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Hildy You can follow me on my Instagram channel @ljmovesyou as well as our Primal Movement works channel for more workouts and tips and tricks :) 
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Love it! Thank you, Louise!
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excel lent class. watched it through for the 1st time so I could see if this is a class for me. Love all these primal movements. Definitely going to check out your instagram for more workouts.
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Love seeing how Bartenieff can be integrated into a Pilates class, I wanna know more about how you use PoTBC! Def followed your Instagram in hopes of that.
Susannah W
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Does anyone recognize that this is actually Bartenieff Fundamentals? I studied this as an undergraduate dance major at Indiana University.  Great to see it incorporated here but think it's very important to credit the original creators--Irmgard Bartenieff who studied with another great, Rudolf Laban.  Bartenieff come to the US from Germany in the 1940's, became a physical therapist and developed  the method based on kinesiological functioning.  Check out her book "Body movement-Coping with the environment" (1980) to learn more!
Susannah 100% and I totally agree more credit should be given. I actually have a Graduate Laban Certificate in Movement Analysis so it was super clear to me and, tbh, inspired me to make some Bartenieff/Pilates flows/phrases for my own practice.
Hildy Its a pleasure to share ideas with other like-minded people. I'm so glad you enjoyed the workout. 
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