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This might be the most confusing class I’ve taken. It’s a rundown of a lot of exercises with little emphasis on form and unclear steps to transition between poses. Unimpressed.
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Took this class at just the perfect time, just as I started focusing more on keeping my blades wide on the mat, so an emphasis on that in every exercise was just what I needed. Had to pause it a few times to get more reps in though, to feel my blades wide some more and get more of the "classical" rep amount for each exercise.
This class is for a classical practitioner.  There was great, new cueing in this class for those who have been doing these exercises for months to years.  I appreciated the permission to let the ribs move forward in some positions and the cues specific to when to deploy wide shoulder blades or pulled together.  The separate directions for rotation and arm movement in Saw was an affirmation of good form that a lot of us probably select intuitively.  This class came up in the "classical" filter and is perfectly appropriate addition to the classical catalogue.
I take classes all the time, so the faster flow was no problem. Though I normally exercise for 50-60 minutes, there are plenty of great 30 minutes like this one. No Problem.. I just added a 2nd class.  Just before this, I did one of Ken Gilbert's amazing 30 minute classes.  I added leg weights today because I am not proportioned well for rolldowns.  I had fun and feel great. Thanks Dana!
Really good to see the class done by a male frame and a female frame. So much easier for men to stabilise their stronger upper torso as they lift their lower torso and legs into jackknife /rollover etc as their point of balance is different. This followed on well from the little tutorial. Back to Life with contrology indeed. Thanks
She is not professional at all. She doesn’t explain the breathing, movements are not complete. They should remove this video from the site.
Sherry S ~ Thank you for your feedback. This class is meant for experienced practitioners who would already know the breathing and the movements. We have other classes that break this information down more and we'd be happy to help you find classes that would suit your needs better. Please email us at if you would like any assistance.
I found the cueing of the shoulder blades so valuable!
Hi There! I have a question is not Romana´s pilates a consensuated style of PIlates? I use to take Monica Willson classes and for me is a surprise how in this class they lace the fingers and take a very wide position in roll over, saw...I new in romana's pilates that I love, but I'm quite confused. Any help? thanks
Gaspar ~ You're correct, generally, Romana's Pilates teachers don't interlace their fingers. I think it's great to try different options though to see what works best for your body as everyone has unique needs. 
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