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After doing the 10 day challenge I felt much better about taking other classes. The rolling is so hard for me still🙃 I feel like my low spine has a learning curve. Maybe so used to going the opposite way. Using the bands today really helped me plant it down on the slow rolling up and down as well as the breath cues. I have to say I’m feeling muscles that haven’t ever been engaged in this way. I love that feeling of actually feeling what I’ve done afterwards. 🙏♥️
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Very good start for my day!
LInAnne The exploration IS the fun I think. If you feel good afterwards, I say mission accomplished! 
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Fabulous work on technique - Thank you!
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Thanks. I am noticing small changes, like being able to keep the floor leg long while I do the leg circle, to be less stressed in the criss cross.  Thanks to all at PA.  Small victories but big for me.  Loved this class with attention to basics.  I realise, at my age, this is what I must aspire to, clean and neat and less panic.  Thanks again Kristi.
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Really love this class.. Second time around and its better, paying attention to detail.  Great for me who will never get to level 3 and beyond.  Appreciated.
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Really great class, just perfect for my level. Did a good swim before and then the class. I have been doing reformer with an instructor in the Uk so this is perfect whilst I am on vacation in Italy. . Will definitely be coming back. 
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Thank you! it was my first class :) 
Agata D Fantastic! I hope you feel encouraged to take more classes now! Well Done! 

Cynthia G What great feedback for me! Thank you! I'm glad you are feeling your own progress too! 

Julie H Perfect! You are utilizing the site exactly as we hoped people would. Hope you had a great vacation! 

Like spiderman on a wall LOL I love your imagery x thanks Kristi you are always great 
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