Roll, Release, and Restore
Amy Havens
Class 4105

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I loved those leg spirals, Amy. Thank you 🙏
Discovered the OPTP soft roller about 6 months ago and can’t get enough. The high density rollers I used in the past were incredibly painful for my body. Another terrific class Amy. Great for after my walk this morning.
Hi Alex K and Janie Flemming  -- yes the softer rollers are quite nice, my preference these days for sure.  I think it's important to feel ease in our bodies as we're using the rollers, to really get the. most benefit from them.  To release and relax, mobilize and get fluidity!  
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Wow! This will be one of my favourite classes to end a day! Thank you Amy and so much more! 🙏
It is perfect to end a day.... thanks Jutta !!  Always love getting comments from you!
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Thank you Amy, this was so great!! It was the first time I worked with the foam roller and my body feels so great now! Together with your beautiful personality it was like a little vacation I will come back to this class.
Such a lovely comment, thank you Maria W !
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Thanks Amy have enjoyed this every time….was feeling a bit anxious today and this was great for focus and relaxation….thank you! 
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Just what I needed, thank you so much!
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Thanksgiving 2021 another COVID year. Thankful to have discovered this today!
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