Pilates Prop Substitutions (Blog)

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I'm curious to see these makeshift reformer setups! Since the pandemic, I've not been able to use a reformer in a studio. I'd love to set up one in my home to practice with PilatesAnytime videos!! 
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Jean (sorry just saw this now) you can definitely start playing and experimenting with using a blanket as the carriage and see what you can do.  Check out this post re:makeshift reformer  
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Thank you Roxy -this was a great summary of prop substitutions that I will share with my clients and the video link has given me inspiration to try the reformer set-up at home. Best wishes and stay safe.
Does anyone have a good substitute for a reformer box? In Australia and in lockdown and there's not many affordable online options to purchase a reformer box so trying to think of a home substitute!
Hannah W Do you maybe have a friend that's handy? I think with some plywood, a little foam and some vinyl, a person with building experience could make something close.

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