Glutes and Inner Thighs<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 4114

Glutes and Inner Thighs
Tracey Mallett
Class 4114

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Awesome workout Tracey, thank you 
Tried this class yesterday; I am definitely feeling it today! Thanks, Tracey - love the simplicity of the moves and your uplifting energy. 
Clara M
Love it Tracey, my booty needs this, with home office and all...
Stephanie O
Holy smokes! What a work out 👍
Melanie Adele  H
What was THAT????? I was laughing and yelling at the screen at the same time. And yes I will be doing this again tomorrow and I have sent it to my sister as well. Torture and absolutely brilliant at the same time. Thank you! xxx
Rhonda A
i love this one thanks 
Love this class! I love ALL of your classes 😊
Jessica H
this is the BEST pilates booty workout ive done! so unique.  LOVE IT 
Quick and effective. Felt this right away. Thank you! 
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