Mindful Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
Class 4117

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Always love this, thank you Tracey!
My favorite stretch routine. Great after a long day.
Tracey Mallett liked music liked voice 
Certain holds hurts wrists had to go to elbows
Which also meant I had to go to knees not true plank
I removed my socks easier with bare feet
My carpet wasn’t enough cushion even with my cushy thick mat which I needed for me knees and ankles
The one stretch that is definately not a level 1/2 is the downward dog with one leg straight up in air behind you

I wouldn’t call this a level 1/2 as the above mentioned
I modified to make it thru
But I’m a fitness instructor of 25 years so I know how to do this- a newcomer beginner would not know how.

Overall great idea and video, I love the 20 minutes ,,
Perfect time for mornings in between breakfast and showering. Keep up the 20 ,impute workouts please 🥰
Neck is sore 10 minutes after this routine Feels like a headache coming on which I never get headaches 
Wrists also ~ not for me 
Love the music the instructor the music
great class like all the ones you teach. you picture very well what we need to do, positions etc...I am a beginner in barre or more active Pilates: do you think you could create a class similar to “active flexibility” for beginner? thanks anyways
I like the instruction, very clear, the visual, the stretching. I didnt think the music fit with the calmness, flow of the movements. Good to emphasize flexibility and balance!!
Perfect stretch; one of the best flexibility class; thank you so much 
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