Mood Elevating Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 4170

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Thankyou for your honesty , fun and a beautiful lesson it was refreshing and challenging x
Thank you all for your positive feedback!!  Gotta keep it honest Talie !!
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It was challenging and I feel great! Thank you Meredith.
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I have it on good authority that if  your name is Meredith, or you are taking a class from a lady named Meredith your mood will improve:)  I feel better and more toned. I had fun.. big fan of push-ups, side planks. I do side planks with full arms because doing them on the forearm  bothers my shoulders. Also, when I do them straight arm, my low back pops like  crazy.  Thanks again Meredith!
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I wasn't necessarily grumpy this morning, but certainly not fully awake. Not the case anymore! I like that I always find some new variations of familiar exercises in your classes that keep me on my toes...or bending in new ways for that matter :)
Gary that is the nicest thing to say and you should know that I am a huge believer in doing what feels best for your body so good for you for giving yourself permission!
Ivan lets hope that we all keep bending in new directions and definitely that we keep focused and on our toes! 
Thank you for sharing your feedback.
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