Mat with OverBall and Towel
Amy Havens
Class 4165

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HiDeborah B !  Thanks for the suggestion for Luna and yes, I've done the peanut butter in the kong toy!  This class was filmed early in the Live pandemic and she was a newly adopted pup for me so we were learning what she can/cannot handle.  She doesn't like to be in the other room alone while I'm filming, ha!  But she's a rascal and wants to be on camera with me so I need to manage with yummy treats and distractions!
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I haven't done this class in a while.  I forgot how great it is.  Did you ever get to film the full class? Love what is here.  Also the 30min classes are great when time is tight, especially this one that opens up the front body.  Thanks
Cynthia G hello, nope, never got to  come back around to finish the 2nd 1/2, oh well!  I think this 30 minutes is pretty special and allows people to somewhat complete what they may need on their own!  I'm so happy you enjoyed this mini session!
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Just watched this again after a year x hopefully by now you can bring Luna into your studio x put her bed in there x she will get to love the sound of your voice and being with you x my dog Jesse snoozes through my classes but always wakes up just before the end x he’s obviously listening to what I say lol
Debra H Luna is doing great now and she loves being in the studio with me!!  This particular day was a rough one as I tried to use a crate for her in the other room.  She didn't like that , at all!!
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I loved the class!  Will you do it again? I wish the peanut butter trick worked for my 4 year old! 
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Samaris M hello, not sure if I'll repeat this exact class again, perhaps.  Luna is doing so much better now .. she's 2 already!  She just never took to a crate, I don't blame her for letting me know she was upset that day!
I love this class so much!! Already did when it has been live. It's such so heardwarming that you end the class for Luna's well being!!! Thank you!!🙏🧡🐩
Love it!  My black lab always ends up part of the show, and that’s ok with me, it’s the kids during lockdown that had a complete full on fist fight in the background that was unbearable.  Love all your classes Amy, especially this one xx 
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