Tension Release Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 4218

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Absolutely lovely, thank you! I appreciate the time to create the space needed in the body. Felt wonderful.
Love your classes Kristi, they are always challenging and soothing...very balancing, thank you.

I feel much better and ready to start the day after completing your class Kristi; thank you so much for your positive energy and great class...
Thanks Kristi, just what I needed ;)
All the rolling hurts my neck. Suggestions?
I really appreciate your lovely classes ..... as others have said your cues are v clear and I always finish up in a good mood.  This class was especially good for me as I was becoming lazy and kept putting off doing classes at home, but you have reminded me how good they can be, thanks Kristi!
Just did this class and now I have a big smile on my face )   Thank you so much!
This was a great way to start my Monday. Thank you, Kristi. Very calming on my body. 
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