Our Plans for 2021 (Blog)

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Thank you for keeping the amazing content coming during this very difficult time. Look forward to the Four Week Live Pilates Event already! Hugs to all.
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I am very thankful for how quickly PA pivoted in March.  I spent the better part of the year improving my mat practice live with some of my favorite teachers, while still having access to all of my favorite reformer classes.   I look forward to what you have coming up in 2021 and thank you all for all you did in 2020.  PA remains my favorite site on the internet.   I wish you all health and happiness. 
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Thank you for all your efforts. It's a matter of health, the most precious thing we can possess. Thank you and Happy 2021!
Been so important to us to have these classes to keep us fit and sane! Rose & Alastair Edinburgh, Scotland! 
The classes are always offering something fresh. I love to make time for my own practice and am amazed by how much I can learn from any of the wonderful teaching team. As a teacher I like to share with my clients what I have learned in order to keep teaching inspirational and fun. Keep up the wonderful work.
Thank you the update.  Pilates Anytime has been my professional life-line for inspiration, education and virtual friendship these last several months.  Keep up the good work and know your efforts are greatly appreciated.  May everyone at Pilates Anytime remain health and happy in 2021.
Thank you for all the live classes in 2020. They put a smile on my face as well as keeping me mentally and physically strong. It was great to work out with some of my favourite teachers. I missed them when they stopped. I'm looking forward to making time for the new live classes - loved last week's routines. Well done to to you all and a Happy New Year. 
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What a beautiful, honest and raw newsletter!  I am thankful for you Pilates Anytime!  Thank you for pioneering and giving hope to the world!  
I am EXTREMELY EXCITED and GRATEFUL for the opportunity to share my passion with the 'Live' series starting end February!  ........... See you soon!  
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Your Santa Barbara studio is beautiful but I haven't missed it.  I've found the workouts presented in instructors' homes and garages more involving.  The studio might help you identify with arriving at class.  With most of your customers not going to a studio right now, basements and living rooms are the right place to be teaching from.  If anything, Pilates Anytime upped its game with going more intimate.
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I've been a member from almost the beginning and have always appreciated Pilates Anytime. But my gratitude for PA has reached new heights, especially as the new classes just keep coming! I love the intimacy and resilience of this new model and the introduction to new instructors, at a time when my own world feels so limited. While we all were ready to move on from 2020, I hope everyone at PA sees what they have done during that time as an incredible accomplishment.
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