Flow with Everything<br>Debora Kolwey<br>Class 4296

Flow with Everything
Debora Kolwey
Class 4296

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Thanks! This was good to do after some nerve mobilization work for PT.
Cynthia U
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Love your lesson. I am Pilates instructor recovering from an injury in my shoulder and really need to reconnect with my body without thinking what to do and just feeling and relaxing. Thank you so much. It is the first lesson I did after four weeks of pausa and I feel really good.
Lisa P
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What a lovely way to begin a week. Happy Monday and Happy March 1st! My thanks to you.
Andy M
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Oh Debora. You are such a gift - as a teacher, mentor and just as a general person on the planet. We are so lucky to have you in our industry.
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My body feels great! Thank you Deborah
Debora Kolwey
How is everyone doing? xoxox
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I am feeling run down, so thought to try this and it was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your fullness in life ;) 
Lina S
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Thank you for this relaxing and grounding class. I'm wondering as another person in this forum why you tapped the sternum on the roll up. Is it to suggest to lift from the sternum up?
Cynthia G
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This series is a blessing and a treasure to have.  As the years roll by I feel i need this more and more.  Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge with us.  This is for young and old.  Personally I appreciate the positive effects on my stiffening body.  Thanks for addressing us ordinary folk who have been doing pilates for a number of years and are maybe starting to find the work a bit challenging.  I would love it if you had the time to do a video of this class in a chair.
Thank you so much Debora and PA.
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