Committing To Work
Tash Barnard
Class 4452

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Wow, that was a awesome class, I was shaking, learned a few new exercises, but had to modify on those standing exercises!,...loved it alot, 🙂
Really great strengthening Abdominal exercises and spinal articulation. This is the first Tash Barnard video I have seen and she is dynamite! I loved it
Loved this class! Great workout- thank you!!
Loving this series Tash! Thank you so much for making this series on the reformer. I was missing a good PA BASI reformer workout. And I love hearing  your accent as it reminds me of South Africa and my dear cousins who live there. 
What a fantastic class.  Thank you Tash
I feel strong! Great abs and body work out!
@Tash, Where do you get the sticky mats? I can't find them anywhere online.
Wow! I’ll have to check out more of your videos on PA, Tash! Loved and needed all of it especially the deep deep ab work on the long box. As an instructor, glad I took time to work on my practice with this video today!
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