with Brent Anderson (Beginner)

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Thanks for sharing this information Brent .  I had my hip replaced 9 years ago and have never looked back!  My therapist was a disappointment when she didn't even know what Pilates was so I 'fired' her and did my own therapy.  In two months I was back at my job at a corporate wellness center and back teaching all my classes in 3 months.  My classes included Kettle Bell, Hiit, mat Pilates, and Tabata.  I've never looked back and the only regret is not doing it sooner.  I spent over 2 years living on Aleve and believing I just had to stretch and strengthen more and the pain would go away... I'm now turning 70 and have slowed down a little but still enjoying my active lifestyle and blessed to have had a good surgeon and my Pilates to save my career!   
Brent, thank for this series. Fantastic information.  Question:  how do follow up appointments work when you choose a surgeon so far away?  You mentioned that your surgeon gave you the ok to increase your exercise at certain points, but how was he following your progress?  Thank you!
I was THRILLED to see this series pop up in my email today. I'm a Pilates instructor in the Boston area 33 days post full hip replacement (doing great) but wondering how I would find a PT who could guide me back to Pilates practice and teaching again this fall. Thank you!!!!
This THA series was fabulous. Brent you are my guru!!! I am a Rehab Tech in an outpatient physical therapy clinic and I am a Pilates instructor where we incorporate Pilates into our rehab everyday. Go Polestar!!!

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