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Sarah Bertucelli
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This was a lovely class Sarah Bertucelli   Can I ask - do you have variations for tendon stretch? I have been teaching for 15 years and still can not do this exercise on the reformer!! Its like my arms are too short to get my bum off the foot bar :) 
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Sarah, thank you. I enjoyed the variations very much. The legs under the foot bar in back extension was my favorite! Will repeat this class often. 
Hi Kate- My Pilates Room, Thank you for asking:) YES YES YES!  I have a bunch of hacks for Tendon Stretch.  I have had the same took a VERY long time to figure out that there were a number of hitches with my attempts to execute.  1.  I was trying to keep my shoulders on the wrong place.  2.  My low back was not flexible enough which made it difficult for my abs to "show up". 3 While this was not my problem, many are not flexible enough though the entire posterior chain(including calves and hamstrings).  4.  It is absolutely crucial that the feet be dorsi flexed.  5. Sometimes fear plays a roll.  You may try practicing the position on a stable surface like the side of the reformer or even the Cadillac.  when doing that try lifting one leg(straight and foot in dorsi flexion) to parallel with the floor. 
Hi Lacey M, Wonderful!  I am so happy that you enjoyed the Back extension variation.  Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.  take care:) 
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Love this…lots of gems to share…especially loved the tendon stretch prep, gorgeous swimming on long box & twisty side splits. Thank you🧜🏻‍♀️
Hi Jennifer S , Yay!  As you have probably discovered...Tendon stretch is one of my favs... so many of us need some guidance getting there.  And always a good idea to change things up a bit. Good for brain and body.  Glad to hear Box work and Split series worked for you.  Take care:) 

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Sarah: This was such a joy of a class. Thank you
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Yum... Another tasty one! Pushing the feet up into the footbar during back extension gave me entirely new feels! What a great trick 😊😊 Thanks Sarah!
Hi Hildegard V , So pleased you enjoyed the class.  Thank you!! 
Hi Julia R ,  LOVE that you called the class tasty!  Thank you so much for playing with me:) Take care. 
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