Heat Up Your Core<br>Jamie Isaac<br>Class 4520

Heat Up Your Core
Jamie Isaac
Class 4520

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Not sure how I missed this challenge last summer - glad to start it today! Thanks Jamie!
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This was seriously great.
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Thank you Jamie!  Beautifully cued! Easy to follow. Strong workout.  I look forward to do more of your classes.
Jamie Isaac
Dagmar D Thank you for joining me. I look forward to sharing more Pilates adventures with you.
Jamie Isaac
Carlee W Thank you Carlee
Jamie Isaac
Marissa Glad you found it can join me. Hope the challenge is fun for you and to share more with you in the future!
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Awesome class! Loved the variations and the modification on the side bend (been struggling with some wrist pain lately). Thanks for the sweat!
Jamie Isaac
AColleen Glad they helped and that you enjoyed the variations. Great work! 👏
LOVE this, thank you!! Looking forward to the next workout!
Jamie Isaac
Linda Hellfritsch-Robinson Thank you for joining the fun. See you at the next workout!
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