Full Body Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 4527

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Polly M thank you for moving with me!  I am so happy that your feel better.
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I took this class in August 2021 and I just took it again and it was like a totally different class the 2nd time (just because of where my body is at and what it needed). It's a double gift when you can feel the class in a totally different way - so thank you times two.  This is a wonderful class.  I really enjoyed side lying work- it was fun and felt so nice!  
Denise I am so happy to hear that and I agree it is always fun to revisit and feel something new the second time around.  Thanks for taking class with me.
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amazing class! I love your style! 
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So grateful to be here with you! Thank you Meredith :) Not sure how many times I've done this class but feels like a gift again today :) 
Charlotte F thank you for coming back to it.
Loved this. The floating sensation was so mindful. Just what I needed. Thank you.
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