with Erin Wilson (Beginner)

with Erin Wilson (Beginner)

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Wendy K
Thank you Erin!  This a great basics refresher!  With the holidays, I didn't have time to do much in the way of exercise, except walk, so this is very timely! Looking forward to your next class!!
Wendy K thank you so much for your feedback! I know! I basically ate too much and moved too little over the holidays 🤪. So happy you enjoyed the class! Thanks again!
Erin this was an awesome class, thank you for your attention to detail, and wonderful delivery style. great to spend time with you! Thanks again!
Mel S thank you so much for spending your time with me! I truly appreciate you and thank you for your feedback!
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Dear Erin, I truly enjoy your teaching. There's so much lightness and joy in your delivery with exceptional attention to details. I love that you take us to seek deeper connection. Love it! Love you.. xx
Mira Hassan hi! Thank you so so much for taking class with me and sharing your love 💜😊. I am truly grateful for you🙏🏼
Jill Y
Thanku Erin please teach more classes! I love your way of teaching and your videos! Thanku Thanku ♥️👏🏻

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