Shoulder Challenge
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4734

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Perfect class! Thank you Ilaria
Rosita Menda Zakuto Thank you Rosita! happy you like it!
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Wow! I would suggest this class to whoever says pilates is "easy"! And what a pace! I will do it again! Thanks :)
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This was a deceptively hard class!  I am going to take some of these new versions of old moves to help me strengthen my upper body moving forward.  Thank you!
Viola S Love it! 💕 Thank you Viola!
Brian P You are welcome! Thank you for picking the class. Let me know how it goes 👊🏻
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I just did this class for a second time, and, if anything, it was MORE challenging than the first time.  I should probably do it twice a week until I can master all of Ilaria's moves. Thanks again!
le tue lezioni sono molto intense e creative! mi piacciono molto. grazie

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This was my first class with you…really enjoyed the back work here thank you 
Brian P 🙌🏻 let me know how it goes and how it feels after a few times that you repeat it. 
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