Whole Body Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 5047

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Absolutely divine! Loved that! My first time using the tower for many months.... that felt good! Can't wait for next time :) Thank you Meredith. Delicious! 
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I feel AMAZING after this class. Love! Thank you
ShiQing Fan I have to admit that I am not familiar with epencephala...could you help me with that?  The shaking could be lack of strength or also from the muscles struggling with the flexibility required for that movement.  It happens to me a bit too.
Charlotte F I think another tower coming soon.
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really enjoyed the variety in this class.  Found the back extension at the end very hard though - I was on a blue spring so thinking I might need some help there would a stronger spring assist in the upward phase as I found I couldn't extend up very far - Meredith looked awesome though.  Feel very elongated and aligned afterwards. thank you and love the slow tempo of teaching so you can perfect the moves.
Sonia T I think a heavier spring for the back extension would certainly help you.  Also, the flexibility of the spine plays a role here and everyone is different!
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Good pace and nice to be on the Tower again! I enjoyed the core and arms workouts and I think the footwork is not too slow!! Thank you Meredith!
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Thank you for another excellent class set me right up for a long drive !!
Thank you so much. I enjoyed the class, felt each part of my body :)
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