Day 7: Total Body Flow<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5093

Day 7: Total Body Flow
Laura Hanlon
Class 5093

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Anna H
Loved the extra challenge that this class offered. I appreciate the integration/modifications made on the mat from exercises on the reformer. Great way to get a workout in and strengthen for classes done on the reformer!
Maria P
Excellent flow, outstanding instruction. Highly recommend the whole series - the 1st 5 gradually introduce the movements to lead you to the more advanced 6 and 7; the 6th is more rhythmic/athletic, the 7th is a reformer moves flow. Perhaps you can do the reformer moves with props for a bonus #8?!? Great work!
Emma M
Really great class! I loved the use of reformer exercises on the mat and how versatile each exercise is. I especially enjoyed the diamond rollback series. Definitely much more difficult on the mat than the reformer.
Lauren S
Really enjoyed this class! I found it super helpful to perform these moves on the mat to help deepen my reformer practice! 
Hello, after many months I have repeated this wonderful sculpting class. This a great reminder how I must concentrate on my breathing work. Thank you so much, so very well made.
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