Fluid and Strong<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5111

Fluid and Strong
Tom McCook
Class 5111

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Donna H , Thank you for your message. I’m happy to hear you were able to find the class. Keep enjoying and I wish you all the best!😊🙏
Erica N
I really enjoyed the variety of movements.  The cueing was so helpful and well-paced.
Erica N, Thank you so much! Enjoy and all the best to you!!
Brandie D
So happy I found this. Excellent cueing, calm, control and precise. It's a gift. 
Brandie D, Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback!! Enjoy and all the best to you!
Pepa G. Molina
Pepa G. Molina, Thank you!! Happy New Year!
rather than dry repetitions this class was designed to build movement with short repetitons wth diff. exercises. it was inspirational and creative. his voice and teaching style was also inspirational and thank you. 
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RANA K, Thank you very much for your clear, insightful message!! It’s great to hear you were able to track my intentions and it worked well for you! Kind regards,🙏
Marney M
I love this class!  Truly one of my favourites. Thank you!
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