Fluid and Strong<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5111

Fluid and Strong
Tom McCook
Class 5111

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Marney M, thank you! That’s awesome to hear this makes your list! Enjoy your practice and all the best!👊🙏
Marithé Lessard
Marithé Lessard, Thank you, enjoy!!❤️🙏
Marithé Lessard
Still love to repeat this training ,but the sensation is always different , getting to do it exactly in the good dimension , of the mind and the body , out of the mechanic and completely into biomechanics, thank you for the perfect rhythm ..Marithé 
Marithé Lessard, thank you for your review! That’s the beauty of a practice, each time is a new opportunity to discover, embody and expand our ability to be skillful with ourselves! Keep enjoying and all the best!🤗🙏
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