Meri Christmas Miracle<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5183

Meri Christmas Miracle
Meredith Rogers
Class 5183

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Thank you all for sharing your Christmas joy with me.  I love making this classes and this one was so special to be with my girlfriends and have a giggle.  Thank you Marissa for the suggestion.  
Cheers to a brand new year!!
Mariska Breland I'm chuffed that you are taking class with me.
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What an amazing gift having a class with you all; thank you so much
Cigdem A thank you for playing with us!!
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Great way to end my Friday at the studio. Christmas on July 7th was such fun. Thank you! 
Lacey M Christmas is good for EVERYDAY!
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After the great pleasure of meeting you AND Sarah last week IRL I figured I'd kick off the week with a class you were both in! Also figured it would ease the return-to-work this morning after a great week away in CA.  Fun class as always!!!
Marissa it was SO great to meet you in person.  Thank you so much for coming and hope to see you agian soon.

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