Day 4: Lengthen & Strengthen<br>Gia Calhoun<br>Class 5195

Day 4: Lengthen & Strengthen
Gia Calhoun
Class 5195

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Maria S
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Really enjoy you classes..any of them ! 
Miri J
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I love this series of videos they are a perfect length for a full body workout post-running. Gia explains the exercises well and the pace is just right.  
Lisa C
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Obsessed with this whole series. I keep revisiting them! 
Gianna  A
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I really enjoyed seeing the inner thigh work and the single leg sweeps from side to back! Such great ideas for teaching!
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This felt great between clients! Thank you for these thoughtful and quick workouts. 
So glad you all enjoyed this class! This was one of my favorites from the challenge!
Really thought this should be advanced with the half circle exercise and full split without variations mentioned or demonstrated. Also, this class may not be for tall girlies or men - I'm 5'6" and found the leg scooter thing I was too tall for, even lowering down on the platform more, my leg still dragged but I modified with a bent knee. And then the half circle.... as much as I replayed it I think I finally realized I was too tall to make the configuration work without having bent arms and pretzelling myself. Not without effort and trying - I expect to wake up to back bruises tomorrow from hitting the edge of the platform in an uncomfortable way! Would be interested in comments regarding the tallest people have been who have managed to get this to work for them and their heights. Maybe I just need to keep trying!!
Thank you for your feedback, Frances K! I'm about 5'4" so the leg sweeps might be better on the box if you're taller! It requires a bit more balance, but it will give you more space to move. Also, Semi Circle should still work if you're taller, but it might depend on the type of Reformer you have. You can try keeping your arms slightly bent to make sure you are on a different part of your spine while you're rolling down. I hope this helps and that you didn't end up with bruises on your back! Let me know if any of these tips work for you!
Absolute treat!!! THANK YOU! Really love the front splits :)
I really like your teaching style it's simple but effective! I mean that in a good way because you don't overcomplicate moves

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