Day 3: Flowing Combinations<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 5313

Day 3: Flowing Combinations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 5313

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Great workout! This challenge is so much fun!
Delia, I am truly a fan.  I absolutely love your clasess.  I have been teaching for about 16 plus years and everytime you come out with a new class here on PA, I feel as though my reset button gets turned on.  Your content, the flow of class, your voice and my favorite - your cues, bring me back to why I love pilates and my job.  Thank you.
Eve B
Fantastic! My first workout on PA! Here's to many more like this. Thanks so much, Delia - it was so easy to follow and I loved the moves. Was like a private class!
Lesley M
Really enjoying this. You are the master of prepping for success!
Great class! Thank you!
Another great class, from a great series. I love your creativity. Thanks Delia :))
liked it very much. Thank you.
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