Fun and Flowy Reformer<br>Kristi C and Meredith R<br>Class 5339

Fun and Flowy Reformer
Kristi C and Meredith R
Class 5339

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Heather S
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Holy moly! I feel SO much better. I can't believe how much I needed to do rowing. My shoulders creaked and popped the whole time, but they feel warm and lubricated now.  And my spine feels longer! Thank you!
Aimee Fitzgerald
Thank you so much for a great class. Hearing the banter is the best! I hope you two make another one.
Thank you everyone for the very sweet feedback!
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I loved this class! The class itself was very nice and left me feeling good. But these two together are just a joy. They have such a nice back and forth during the video.
Michael Mary S
Great flowy, short class.  It's always such fun to watch both of you in action.  
Tesa thank you so much.  I'm glad our joy shines through!
Pamela  R
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Great class thank you loved it

Robin S
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you two are my favorite! thank you !! MORE PLEASE and how about some tower?
Robin S we would LOVE to film a tower! What do you think Kristi Cooper ??
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Great class for a very very busy day❤️
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