Mobilizing Mat<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5435

Mobilizing Mat
Sally Anderson
Class 5435

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Annika K
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I loved this class, the use of foamroller was so nice and my fip flexors and shoulder blades are thanking you. I’ve already done it twice!
Kelly J
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Just got over being sick and that class was everything I needed. I love the mix of subtle challenge, release work, and feel good movements. Thank you for an amazing class! Would love to see more.
Sally Anderson
Thank you for your messages everyone. Really appreciate you taking the class and glad it works for you 🤗    Kelly J  in case you'd like to have a scroll through some more of our Reach/my classes to find more, here's a link to try. LINK 
Zoe M
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Loved this class, my muscles feel released and I feel relaxed! Thank you Sally. 
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Amazing class - just what I needed. It felt like a deep-tissue massage in some places!
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Wow, I really like the way this class made me feel! Thanks!
Katarina S
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A lovely class, Sally, and exactly what my clients' body needed. Thank you for the inspiration. 
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