Quick Reformer Flow<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 5494

Quick Reformer Flow
Brett Howard
Class 5494

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Great quickie workout, love the pace & cueing!
Really great to work out "with you" Brett Howard. Absolutely Loved it. Thank you! 
Loved this class and getting it done in 25 minutes! Thank you!
John B
Battling a (hopefully) mild cold and this was just enough to get things pumping but not to over-exert. Thnks
Kate A
awesome class! i appreciated your cues during the class.  perfect for a busy mom!
5 star class
I love your teaching, your instruction & dry humour ☺️🙏
Kelly V
Personally less counting and more cueing would have been helpful. Appreciate the shorter workouts but it didn’t flow as much as I would have liked and maybe to do all the stuff on heavy and then drop lighter to make it flow a bit more - let us appreciate each exercise a bit more….
Laura B
Great class. Thanks
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