Meri's Christmas Celebration<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5483

Meri's Christmas Celebration
Meredith Rogers
Class 5483

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Just what we all needed for xmas. Such a special crew and what a fabulous class Ma - thank you and Merry Xmas to you all xx
Much love CJ
Tanya P
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Belated Merry Christmas!  Thank you Meredith Rogers 
Thank you all for sharing our Christmas cheer!  This little tradition makes me happy year after year.  
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Even though it's 1/2/24, this was such a fun and excellent workout using the band, Kristi!  So enjoyed you Smiles, Laughter and Holiday attitude!
Jacquie W
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Thank you for another uplifting class, Pilates Anytime team! One note for improvement was that I would have benefitted from more breathinng cues. I have a bad habit of holding my breath and found myself doing it a few times throughout as there wasn't a lot of breathing cues/reminders throughout. But otherwise a great class. Thank you!
Grateful for all of your smiling faces. You have all  been a blessing to my personal pilates journey as well as my teaching inspiration over the years. Happy New year to all of you at Pilate Anytime !!! 
Jacquie W I will be more aware of offering breathing cues next time.  Thank you for your feedback!

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Fantastic! What a gift even in February. Thank you. 
Lacey every day is Christmas if you wish it to be!
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