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Has anyone tried the new Allegro 2 from Balanced Body? I'm wondering about user reviews before purchasing one. I don't have the opportunity to trial it first. Thanks!
I want to hear reviews too! It looks amazing huh?
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I have worked out on an Allegro. they are awesome! Havent tried this one yet. but I know Balanced Body is always improving on what they have. I have a Balanced Body Clinical Reformer for my studio. Love Love Love their equiptment. I think the Allegro is so versital and sometimes wish I had gone this route would be easier to move for sure.! You cant go wrong with BB ,they make very fine equiptment indeed.
I have one and I've noticed that the footbar isn't as easy to move as the demo videos imply. It's pretty heavy and requires me to stand in front of it so that I can lift it in a balanced manner. The footstrap is also too long for my taste when doing short box work, and I'm already using the shortest option available. The strap adjustment is nice, but I find that with double straps I don't really have to adjust it often. Previous to this, I was using the original Allegro, and before that I was using a wooden studio reformer of unknown non-classical design. I'm not sure that any of these things make me dislike the Allegro II, but it does take some adjustment.
I agree with Jamie! I, too, have an allegro 2 reformer and the foot strap is too long and the foot bar can be cumbersome. I have had my reformer for over a year and I can only lock the foot bar in one spot for footwork (probably user error).

I do like the continuous carriage pad and I enjoy not getting my hair caught in random crevices. :)
I am about to buy one with tower, let you know.
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I bought 3 for my home studio and practice. I agree with the comments regarding the foot strap. Too long even in the shortest position. Needing some adjustments to get used to. The foot bar is heavy but once you work with it, you start to figure out how it moves. Many adjustments make it user friendly (short, long, tall, etc..) It is an extremely smooth ride and I'm coming from a classical wooden studio reformer. So far I'm extremely happy and hope to add a fourth soon.
I have an Allegro Reformer 2 but I am not happy with the carriage. It moves on the side also when I put a foot on a strap. I worked with Peak Reformer and with other classical Reformer without having any Problems concerned carriage stability. It seems that the guide wheels under the carriage are too small. Do you have any experience with this problem?
There are two different places to hook the foot strap for the A2. The tighter option does not give much slack. I've been teaching on A2s for 5 years and have not had a problem, or complaint about the foot strap when it is secured on the tighter option. I recommend reaching out to BB to make sure that you have it on the tighter option.
Hi everyone, Does anyone know if I can buy a nice stock photo of someone using the A2, (without tower)? I have bought 3 for my studio but they arent arriving until September and I wanted to do some marketing between now and then. Many thanks Laura X

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